Judges and Judging Info



In 2011, the judges of the Yellow Pine Harmonica Contest are…George Miklas of Mercer, PA (member of The HarpBeats with longtime Harmonica Contest judge Phil Caltabellotta at
right), who began judging with us last year:

Phil Caltabellotta & George Miklas - "The HarpBeats"

…And New York area jazz harmonica player Chris Bauer:  

Chris Bauer, Yellow Pine Harmonica Contest judge in 2011

Both are well-known professionals, and they’ll bring us great entertainment at the Judges’ Concerts during the weekend.

They will be performing on the outdoor stage occasionally, and they’ll perform at two scheduled Judges’ Concerts:  Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:00 pm.

The judges also provide a high level of expert feedback to the Harmonica Contest entrants.

Contestants are judged on instrument skill and musical presentation only. Contestants may provide self-accompaniment, but only harmonica playing ability is judged.  No electronic accompaniment is allowed (e.g., tape recording, rhythm assistance, trick mikes, etc.).  

Whatever one’s mouth harp ability, a good time is had by all!

 Judges Concert, 2010 - George Miklas & Phil Caltabellotta, "The HarpBeats"

(There are some photos of previous judges in the “Gallery” page – see link on the left.)